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Top Ten Girls Toys

top ten girls toys

    top ten
  • Top 10 is a superhero comic book limited series published by the America's Best Comics imprint of Wildstorm, itself an imprint of DC Comics.

  • TopTen is an Estonian record label which has started the career of a number of successful Baltic chart acts, including the internationally successful girl group Vanilla Ninja, who are currently the label's most successful act.

  • Top Ten is one of the many spin-offs of Horrible Histories. Each book is made up of ten short stories made with a common theme, author or (cultural) background. The books retell the stories in as abridged versions, shortened to appeal to younger readers.

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Kaya's Top 10

Kaya's Top 10

1.) I am a faster than a brindle bullet. I run like a jack rabbit! I can pivot 180 degrees on corners and switch up directions by throwing my back legs in the air. Watch out when I’m headen your way! I run with my head held high, my chin in the air, legs tucked and a trail o dust...

2.) I love the snow, tire easily in the sun, will have everything to do with anything hoses & puddles, but when it comes to rain -- I’m out. Oh and fireworks? Psshh...Pass the doggie valium.

3.) I am a sensitive girl. My humans think I’m too smart for my own good. I am very protective of my home and yard these days, & weary of new people in my home. But I love my crate, I get special treats in there until I calm down & realize my mom decides who’s naughty or not.

4.) Sometimes my parents think that one day I will finally let them on to the fact I’ve been able to speak human this whole time.

5.) I have a daily ritual. I am happy to start my day, when i decide to roll out of bed, i say hi to my humans and furry friends, then take some time to myself to roll on my back with all 4 feet in the air and play growl twisting and turning for about 10 straight minutes.

6.) I am one smart cookie. Ive been to many classes. I can sit, stay, down, rollover, give a high five, a high ten, i drop it when i want, and play keep away mostly, wait, leave it, heal & recall. I’m not afraid of crutches, being left alone or wheelchairs, I sometimes come when I’m called, and when I feel like it I walk well on a leash. But the man will never really get me down ‘cause I will jump for joy every time I see a 2 legged I know. They can’t break me!

7.) I get so excited to see my humans, I nibble and nip when I greet them, so I always have a toy in my mouth when I say hi to prevent the munching on you. I think, that you love my toys as much as I do and will do what my humans call “the drive by” as I walk back and forth in front of you with my awesome tug! See it?? See it???!#!

8.) I have the most beautiful coat, have many expressions and beautiful amber colored almond shaped eyes. I have an underbite, the perfect pouty face & a fatty lip...The hooman’s are useless against these ;] My nicknames are: Kaya, Kaya Bear, Tiger Bear Pig, Bear, Kibbles n Bits, Kibs, Brindle Bear, Kayakasha and my new best friend is Lily. We’re known as bear & pig.

9.) I am not big on food, I only eat once a day unless you give me something special. I’m allergic to Chicken, and I get sick of the same protein. I love treats, and working for my goods. Food in a bowl is just too easy.

10.) I am a rescue. But really I rescued my humans. Rescue your next pet! There are so many amazing creatures just waiting to adopt you! ;] Love U All! Kaya & Fam

Happy Silly Sunday Top Ten List

Happy Silly Sunday Top Ten List

Splash's top ten truths I've learned in week 3 at my forever home.
1. You can scratch at your collar/leash all you want - but all it really accomplishes is stretching your back and exercising your leg.
2. I have grown way up to be big and strong, but Nic is still bigger and stronger. Enjoy it while you can, Bro.
3. The toys remain ALL mine.
4. I have determined that I want to grow up to have Aunty Bibby's royal attitude and Aunty Cake's ownership philosophy.
5. Sit = treat
6. People have this funny word called "still". If anyone knows what that means, can you explain it to me please?? Is it the same as "asleep"?
7. I really think the living room carpet should be a different color - I'm working on pale yellow...
8. Cooler weather brings on more attacks of serious puppy zoomies. A few more degrees, and there might be an epidemic.
9. It is much easier to sleep surrounded by a pile of toys.
10. However much my Mom complains when I mess up, she still thinks I am super cute, and her favorite girl, and she loves me. I know, 'cause she tells me so all of the time, and I've been here long enough now that I'm beginning to believe it.

Have a great Silly Sunday

top ten girls toys

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